Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It's electric!


Our electrician came out and looked around.  He addressed our concerns about the converter (it's working), and confirmed Annie's suspicions about it needing a cut-off when we get an inverter.  The "fan" lever may or may not have been on, causing the fan to blow endlessly, but there's something else hinky about that thermostat, so we want him to redo it.

When I pulled the furnace fuse this week, I casually tried putting the fuse back to be sure it was the one.  Abort!  Abort!  Dave the Electrician said we need a fuse kit with those safety tweezers.

I think Annie tried to get me to understand her concerns about the inverter/converter loop that would be endless except that the batteries die altogether which does end the process.  I couldn't get it.  I had to look directly at the converter and see that it plugs into an AC outlet to make the connection.  The inverter converts stored battery (DC) power into AC (outlets).  That's good, except the AC powers the converter, which would then use that AC to charge the batteries.  In a completely, 100% energy-efficient world that wouldn't matter, but in our world it would kill the batteries before very long.

Tonight we haul the Duck back over to Bill's for mechanical work (the leaky everything).

The sun is shining, and you know what a world of difference that makes to SAD bears.  So, woohoo!

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