Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Release the Hounds!

I had visitors yesterday!  Bruno (referred to hereafter as "Annie K") and Violet came to see me the cats and to look around, as Violet says.  Violet is five, and can say things like I want to look around your house without getting the stink-eye.  She did suggest I clean up the bedroom, but she wasn't judgmental about it.

I was actually pretty honored that she chose this stop on her rounds;  since Annie K was facilitating an afternoon of fun.  She tried to pet Lily, who swatted her hand without preamble.  Lily CrankyPants.
Later, Violet said to the cat I'm calling you GRAYFACE.  And just like that, Lily was put in her place.

Violet also wanted to examine the Duck.  She asked pertinent questions that cut right to the heart of what matters.  How do you flush the toilet?  [I demonstrated what passes for a "flush" in a composting toilet.]  Where is the food?  [I showed her the refrigerator.]  Where is your music player?   [Stereo on.]  She also wanted to take a cat out, so I brought Bob along.

Annie K asked "What's next?" and Violet considered out loud.  What do I love?  What do I love?  which seemed like the sort of question we ought to be asking ourselves all the time.

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kathleen said...

hello and thank you for including violet in your oh so hilarious and enjoyable blog! best to you both.. hope it's okay i became a follower- your writing is terrific!

Roxanne said...

Hi Kathleen!

Thanks! I'm glad you're following, and Violet was fun to write about.