Sunday, October 4, 2009

Stop telling me this. [Roxi]

I told you about the awesomeness of furnace warmth.  Three days later, the fan had not gone off, and I pulled the fuse.  There is currently no current to the furnace.

We are not making any progress.  Unless you consider a trip to Camping World yesterday "progress."  I don't.  I consider it "fun," but not progress.  We just admitted this to each other today.  Annie is still working full-time, which is good for money, but bad for her morale and energy level.  I am not working at all, which is great for morale and energy level, but bad for money.  So, it seems obvious that I should be doing the heavy lifting on the home front, beyond doing some laundry.  I need to be the one making progress here, working toward our goals.  What should I be doing?

We talked again about renting the house, but that seems so horrible to me I can barely contemplate it, especially being out-of-town landlords (with serfs?  Can we not think of a better word for that in the 21st century?).  Our friend has been "renting" her house here while living in California;  by renting, I mean she has been letting people live there who don't pay her and possibly sell pieces of her house on Craigslist.  She had to take them to court just to make them leave.  Her most recent comment was Should I rent it out again, or should I shoot myself in the head?

I am already crippled with SAD and it is just October.  I need to bring the second Happy Eyes down from the attic before I "rent my house out." 

SAD panda

Annie had the good idea of calling our electrician to check out the wiring, and maybe installing an inverter.  [Dave Hulle, you local people.  We like him.]

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Anonymous said...

Why you need to rent your house out? I am very confused about this. Please give me the actual concept about this. Thanks