Monday, November 9, 2009


yard sale sign

Who knew a yard sale could be a spiritual experience?  You would think a yard sale was root canal, the way we've avoided having one all summer.  We are so excited to have stuff out of our living room that we actually talked about dancing there.  Next step:  getting it out of our front yard.

The gaps in the house have made me feel a little more like we can progress with getting the house on the market.  New least-favorite conversation:

When are you leaving?

We want to sell the house first.

Is it listed?

[sheepish] No.

You might want to do that!

This is not a conversation I can blame on the inquirer!  The question is legit, the answer is lame.

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dirtyduck said...

omgosh i know what you mean.we are having the opposite problem. we complained so much about how much it sucked living where we were(renting with a roomate) then we bought a house that was unfinished and has to pass occupancy before we can move in.while i am not above moving there myself before we pass, i think having a bunch of farmyard animals cruising around would raise the inspectors eyebrows. but my husband is doing the work himself and so its taking a bit more time. but our roomate is gone now so its not so bad where we are. people are so well meaning it hurts, so i like how you wote this blog, its US not THEM,lol.after you have your garage sale please do not write about how much better you feel after you PURGED *dramatically* yourself ...i dont want to hear it, i dont like it, i like my things, what will guide me from room to fridge if my pathways are not lined wih bunnies and wicker baskets etc?

¡Vizcacha! said...

Ha, DD! Okay, well, I'll TRY not to emote about the purgation. And baskets and bunnies are necessary for navigation; sailors have known that for centuries!

If someone happens past while the inspector is there, you could act like nothing happened. "What duck?"

Maria B said...

Hey girls - sorry we couldn't come to your yard sale - I was in San Antonio at a conference, and MG was babysitting her nephew for the day.

I know what you mean about conversations you don't want to have. I'm on the job market this year, and that's all anyone else wants to talk about, whereas I just want to plug my ears and say "la la la, la la la"!!!

¡Vizcacha! said...

Hi Maria. And people probably think that's what you MOST want to discuss. Maybe you need a pin that says "Ask Me About Mary Kay."