Saturday, November 7, 2009

Winter Eyes. [Roxi]

Annie mentions winterizing the Duck every so often. I finally realized that I was mounting a fierce internal resistance every time she talked about it. My guts were puttin' up their dukes. It's not such a big deal, now that I'm talking myself through it. "Winterizing" sounds like what you do when you've given up for the season. It's a sensible thing to do when you're no longer going to use a fifth wheel for the winter, and you'll pick up having fun in May. NO! those pesky viscera kept saying. We're leaving soon! We're not giving up!

I'm letting Annie talk me down from this ledge of irrationality. She won't even use that orange stuff in the lines, she'll just blow the water out. Meanwhile, we're still winterizing anyway by running the furnace. Cheaper to blow than to heat up, as Granny used to say. [I don't know what that means.]

We're doing some little things out here this morning. I say little because Annie's doing them, so they seem really easy.

We slept out here last night, after watching a couple episodes of The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency (great series). Boy, oh boy, was it cold! Until we turned the heat up. And the bed is still aces in my book. I get warmer faster than I do in the hosue with our heated mattress pad.

I told a new acquaintance about our plans yesterday. She was very kind and said we were brave (instead of crazy). We've been lucky to have in our circle only brave-sayers instead of a lot of crazy-sayers.

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dirtyduck said...

I say little because Annie's doing them, so they seem really easy.
HA!poor annie.

¡Vizcacha! said...

She really is quite long-suffering.