Monday, December 14, 2009

Slowing down, rolling over.

Florida the trained turtle

It has reached 0° K. here, the temperature at which molecular motion stops.  At least, you'd think so by looking at us on the sofa.

There are things we could do to further equip the Duck.  Annie bought me a droolicious Xmas present, the Travasak.   We could sleep in it.  We could also attach the new fold-down dinette table to the wall.  I could pack more things for storage, and clear out the attic. 

In my defense, I've been recovering from some minor surgery and Annie has been waiting on me bill and wing.  And, we'll be here through January, at the very least.

This is December in New York State, and inertia is part of the package.  I mourn the sun until February, when I notice it returning.  Annie fights Raynaud's disease with electric socks and gloves, and is consequently the most-envied woman on the bus (despite her marital status).

I'm "looking for" temporary part-time work;  "looking for" = thinking about it and believing it would be nice to have. 


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Anonymous said...

Sorry to not have stayed in touch...I switched from AOL to Firefox and wasn't accessing my old links.
But went back today to check some stuff...and just to say.
Remember me? -- woman at lunch after zee's a couple of months ago and with blog about RV cross-country travel.
I am enjoying your blog, your preparation (oh - how I remember thos times -- with mixed feelings) and your links.
And glad that you got a Travasak for a gift...I used mine the whole year we traveled.
(BHpurple --at -- aol -- dot -- com)

¡Vizcacha! said...

Of course I remember you! And, our yummy lunch at Moosewood after poor Zee had no heat. I'm glad you checked in. I hope you'll come back, with more comments.

I'm glad to hear the Travasak is useful in real-life and not just in theory. We haven't broken it out yet (maybe we haven't received it yet ... ), so I can't vouch for it myself.