Sunday, December 20, 2009

Friends of the Duck.

Okay, they're mostly our friends, but they went out of their way to visit the Duck, too.  Maria and MaryGail came all the way to Ithaca, and spent their afternoon and evening hanging out with us at the ScienCenter and later, dinner! at Taste of Thai Express!  We approved!  Thanks, guys!  Fun and delicious.  We woke up this morning talking about it.

In-between those two events we hosted a cat showing.  An informal pageant, with only swimsuit and talent competitions.  MG and Maria already have a full feline complement at home, but I saw a chink in their resistance. One thing is sure:  I would severely miss any cats who went to live with them, but I would never worry about them.

Since the weather got ugly, we haven't even visited the Duck ourselves.  Shame!  It's all part of the encavement of winter.  I don't even check the mail anymore.  I just wait for Annie to come home - she's outside already.  I just realized we should string lights out there.  Why wait for LED chili peppers?

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Anonymous said...

As an erstwhile upstater (Syracuse area), I can relate to your blog, except I've always set my sights on New Mexico, Santa Fe or north (like Taos). I really love the Finger Lakes, probably my favorite part of the Empire State. RVing has
held my interest in daydreams. Gues I'm just a stick in the mud after all.

¡Vizcacha! said...

Hi there! I agree - the Finger Lakes are definitely premium Grade A New York. That's probably why it has taken me so long to want to leave.

Of course, it won't surprise you to know that we're so far into winter that sunshine has taken on the glimmer of folklore.

We are fascinated by New Mexico, too, and we're defintely going to give Taos a fair shake.

I don't think there's anything stuck-in-the-mud about staying put, and there's a lot insane about ignoring conventional wisdom.