Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Three of These Things are Kinda the Same.

I think we're starting to figure out this Christmas thing.  This year had just the right amount of build-up, with extremely reasonable expectations and no credit card debt.

Beginning with Thanksgiving, I noticed that a lot of our friends were breaking with tradition and giving themselves a break.  Friends who had always hosted a huge, exhausting family dinner were accepting invitations to others' dinners instead.  Forgoing trees.  Letting themselves off the hook for buying extravagant gifts.  Traveling abroad alone rather than sticking with the holiday habits.  These plans don't need my approval, but I give it anyway.

Here at home, we had double reasons for moderation:  I've been laid off for six months, and we're offloading in general.  This all suited our laid-back natures beautifully; our two-foot potted tree sports a single, tasteful string of lights, and our front window the same.

Thoreau mug    
This is my favorite quote ever.  Just like that, I was re-inspired.  Thanks, Babe!

Chili Pepper 
Maria and MaryGail brought us this when they spent the afternoon with us.  For inspiration and focus.

clock with thumb 
From my son, Phil.  Because small can be beautiful.  There was a subsequent discussion of Velcro and double-stick tape.

Some of you know how discouraged I've become with the onset of real winter and the onset of setting on my butt.  That's why I'm so grateful for your thoughtfulness and support.  You may think we've gone crazy, but you're behind us anyway.

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Maria B said...


Anonymous said...

Love the little clock! Small can be beautiful, and birdseye maple never hurts the attempt.

Plus the chili pepper deodorizer thing totally nails the Arizona aesthetic (as far as I know).

Skinny holidays for us too, and I expect next year will be as much or more so. It's that kind of epoch.

And my very best wishes to you!

¡Vizcacha! said...

Thanks, Maria!

Hey SamWibatt, thanks for visiting! I always enjoy hearing from you, no matter where.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! My 2010 resolution is to stop reading political blogs and spend my online time more productively. I figure commenting on LJ and other friendly venues like this are the thing.