Sunday, January 10, 2010

Consumer Win! Travasak


Here's where we got ours. Other places sell them with greater color selections, but blah blah blah, let me tell you the important stuff:

  • This sucker is warm.  We normally sleep with a sheet, two blankets and a comforter, and we're warm enough, more or less.  If we keep the mattress warmer on.  This is a sheet and the comforter you see.  We turn the heated mattress pad off as soon as we get into bed now.
  • No fighting the covers.  What you see is what there is, and there's no sliding down, separating or falling off the end of the bed.
  • No fighting over the covers.  Your partner can't hog the blankets, because they're fastened down.
  • Works year-round.  One side is very heavy for winter use;  flip it over and it's ready for summer.
  • Making the bed takes 10 seconds.  Zip and straighten, and you're ready for a cup of coffee.
Essentially, this is a sleeping bag for grown-ups. Sheets and everything.  If you happen to be a little claustrophobic, you can unzip and have your escape route ready.

We got this because it's too congested in the Duck for proper bed-making, but I can see it being a great sleep solution in a stick & brick home.

I've been looking for some part-time work that wouldn't require a long-term commitment, and I've found it!  I asked my old supervisor to keep me in mind if something came along, and so he did;  it looks like I may be working two days a week at my old place, just doing some different things.  Still working with wheat, but less molecular biology, more fieldhouse work.  Suits me just fine.

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Carolyn said...

Congrats on the part time work

¡Vizcacha! said...

Thanks! And, helloooo over there!