Friday, February 26, 2010

Another new thing.

We decided about a week ago to change horses before we get into the stream; we're looking for a used motorhome, probably a Class A.  Those are the ones that look like a small bus.


There are a few reasons for this change:
  • Safety - if we were in a situation that suddenly felt hazardous, we could leave without getting out of the coach.
  • Cats - we've come to realize that we probably can't carry the cats in the Duck while we're driving.  No shocks, for one thing, and we couldn't be back there to monitor their well-being while on the road.
  • Storage - options are much greater in a motorhome.
  • Toad - we could take our car with us, which is preferable in almost every way.
These great reasons do not mean I don't feel sheepish.  I'm a big ole' ewe right now.  It's taken me a week to confess this to you guys, which is about the sheepishness.  Seriously, I was feeling baaad.

Also, I am working on not playing my cards so close to the vest.  The more eyes and ears engaged, the likelier someone can help and offer good ideas.

We've seen a few, and visited a dealership near Lancaster, Pennsylvania.   I'll tell you about that visit later.

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Maria B said...

This IS a change... I hope you can find good homes for the Duck and the Truck...

¡Vizcacha! said...

Thanks. We do, too!