Monday, February 8, 2010

The Plan (Annie)

Roxi has mentioned that we've a slightly different plan now.  This one involves my job.  The current economic situation at the university has me wondering very seriously if my position will continue when the new fiscal year begins, July 1st.  Without going into specifics, it seems possible that my entire department will be either disbanded or perhaps absorbed into another department, leaving the door open to downsize staff.  My duties now are split between management and IT, two jobs that would be fairly easy for existing staff in other department(s) to take over. 

My hope is that I will go on layoff as of July 1st, and I should know for sure by the end of May.  Layoff means a severance package plus the extension of my benefits for a year, and unemployment compensation, of course. 

We won't wait on the house while waiting to see if I get the boot.  We'll list and get ourselves moved out and into The Duck and ready to go.  If my job ends then we'll leave here after June 30th; if not, I'll give notice, probably in June, and we'll leave when we're ready, assuming the house has sold.  Either way, we'll already be living in The Duck. 

That's the plan, anyway.

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1 comment:

dirtyduck said...

it sounds like a good plan, but judging by your next post...not so much. what happened?i hate this economy