Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Carat is Golden.

You remember our little orange kitty, Carat (alternate spelling, Carrot). Well, she hasn't been in her new home three weeks yet, and already she is famous. Check out the photos. You'll see how she is workin' it for the camera. Despite her fame, she remembers us and is thoughtfully sending updates on her transition:
Hi momes,

I craked the new secrit passwurd code on the compooter. Who uzes "RelativityIsRelative" 4 a passwurd? Lame peeplz.

Anyhoo. Just wontd to let u no that i am grate!
Turns out u piked a fabulis spa resort 4 me to liv at. I have been givn a free upgrade to a full sweet! Awesum space. One room haz a big squishy bed with fluffy poofy blankies and I like to snuggl up in them. I can evin jump up on the bed by myself! I also got a big soft leperd to sleep on. It iz cumfurtable and this morning I started licking his tale bi accidint when I was taking mi bath. I dont think any 1 saw me. How imbarrasing. Still no hot rok massages but i do get 4 (count 'em FOUR!) bolls of food and watr. I got tini hand brokin kibbl bits, peeple babie food chikin, sum kind of broth stuff and watr. Sumtimz the sweet gets closed down an I hav to stay in my room so stanlee an mickie can chek out my digs. I think mickie has a liddle crush on me but stanlee is kinna jelus. Yesterday stanlee jumpped OVER my gate an into my room! Dont wurri tho - security waz on him quik an he jumped rite bak out like a bunny rabit. I think security gave him a time out becuz I dint see him 4 a wile after.

Other gud newz - I got a grate dental plan here too. I lost a chomper or two at the denniss but it wazn't 2 bad. I hav to take sum yukky anibotiks 4 a wile but the peeplz sez it wont be 2 long. Then I can finly play with mickie. Also, did u no I am famus? My agent got me a fan page on headbook... or facespace?... or sumpthin lik that. U can problee see it on ur compooter if u press the rite buttons. I wuld help u but it seemz i cant spell worth a darn.

Ok. I gotta go. The brown hared peepl an me r gonna watch the history tv. I prefer "Ellen" and "Genral Hospitul" but I gess I can hummur her this 1 time.


There seems to be more of a balance back here. The bullies on the playground have gone to picking on the next one up the ladder, but she has no trouble smacking them on the head. Little Carrot would say Oh, stop it now or I will WALK AWAY AND GIVE YOU THIS SOFT SPOT ON THE COUCH!

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Anonymous said...

that is some awesome writing.is that mg or m that helps carot writ?
annie k

¡Vizcacha! said...

Well, I've been led to believe it's all Carat, but I have begun to suspect that MG is involved somehow.

Maria B said...

MG is definitely an enabler of Carat!