Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cat in Transition

Last weekend, Cara(t) moved to Syracuse to live with our friends Maria and MaryGail.  You should see the digs.  We're afraid to tell the other cats about her set-up, because they'd be packing their duffels and catching a Greyhound.  Her new health care plan includes dental, which she is really jazzed about.  Who says reform can't work?

We got an email from her just a couple of days ago!  She's a LOLcat!

Deer Momes,

I waz abl 2 commondeer 1 of the peeplz compootrs when they went outside 4 a walk.  I wantd 2 tell u that I mis u lotz but the acomodashions heer ar ok.  I got a privat room with a tv an a window vew.  No hot stone masag tho.  I am puting in a rekwest 4 that butt the peeplz dont seam to inklined to folow throo.

The peepls fed me samon today.  Mmmmmm.  U no how i likez the samons.  The white kat came 2 say hi.  He wantz to visit but the peepls told him not yet cuz i'm stil getng intergralated.  He seems kwite frendly but on the big and maybe not so brite side.  But then, u no how boyz r.  The blak kat is a liddle crazy.  He'z alwuys hissing and yowling like a babie.  The peeplz are working him tho so he'll probly come around sumtime.  The 1 peepl exersised him to make him tirred out an less hissy.  I gues I hav to go bak to the doktor this week but Im not scard at all.  The doktor waz nice.  Today I licked the peepl who has dark hairs.  Then i nibbled on her arm sum.  Ur arm tastes beter.  I hed butted her an acidently purred without thinking.  Sorri.

uh oh.  I think the peeplz r coming  bak.  I beter go be4 they cee my totaly excelent compooter skils.  Thnks 4 piking thez neu peeplz 4 me.  I wil rite agin soon.  Tell my peeps theer that life iz gud.

Luv u momes.


Although she is as quiet as the quietest thing you can imagine, it's quieter here without her.  The bully cats have no one to pick on, so they just pick on their own noses. 

Soon:  news about OUR new digs 

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jillbertini said...

I commented on the feed on LJ. I found it funny that a cat would catch a ride on a greyhound! :P

¡Vizcacha! said...

Tee hee!

And, hey! You visited the actual blog! Coolio.

dirtyduck said...

"He'z alwuys hissing and yowling like a babie"


"hed butted her an acidently purred without thinking. Sorri."

oh that broke my heart a little(a lot!!!!)so sweet! i wen and looked at her at lol cats!!woohoo!!

¡Vizcacha! said...

oh that broke my heart a little

Mine, too. :o) But, I'm really glad that she's feeling good and relaxed and happy there. I think that will just get better with more space and fewer cats who will pick on her.