Sunday, March 28, 2010

Things we know today.

It's a blustery day, which is why we chose today to move a mattress. We did show the foresight to move it before the rain began. We switched the Sleep Number in the Duckette for the conventional mattress that came with The Big Duck. It would have been so perfect if only we had power to reinflate the Select Comfort. A nap would have been had by all.

Which prompted us to see if we could get the inverter running. Some texts flew back and forth between Annie and John. No reset button. No breakers tripped. Plugged in. Maybe the batteries are too low? Yep, they're low. One more trip out to look at the inverter itself, when I realized that the "inverter" is really a converter. I remembered that I asked John twice if there was really an inverter, and not just a converter. I think he really believed he had both, but he always plugged into shore power and would never have used DC-to-AC anyway. It's an IntelliPower PD-9055 converter.

So, we'll move the Xantrex 2kW from the Duckette. Unless it makes more $$ sense to buy another and leave the other installed. It might make the Duckette more appealing to a buyer if it's ready for boondocking. We'll have to talk about that.

In other Duck news, dirtyduck held a Soap Nuts contest, and I won! So, I will receive my very own soapnuts to try. I may or may not have agreed to brush my teeth with them in return for another chance to win. It's all sort of foggy now. Thanks, M!

Carolyn and Annie, thanks for showing me the liquor cabinet, and sorry about breaking your house.

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dirtyduck said...

you did....

lol the duckette i love that!oh and heehh other duck news LOL!

Carolyn and Annie, big mistake!!!