Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Through thick and thin.

Hi friends.  I try not to be a downer here - I save that for my real-life - but this relates to our project and how we're progressing, so I want to share it.

Overall, I'm really optimistic.  I'm feeling and hoping that getting the motorhome helped us turn a corner in our psychological progress.  Before we made that decision, it seemed that we just couldn't move forward.  Annie was resisting, but I didn't know why and so I backed off.  I felt like I didn't have the oomph we needed to drive us ahead on my own.  The winter takes a big toll on my state of mind.  But, this feels entirely more possible. 

Suddenly, though, I'm feeling like I must be wearing our friends out. 

We're invading Carolyn and Annie's personal space, dieseling in and out with our loud truck, bustling around and generally shattering the calm at their country home.  They're not complaining (yet) - thanks guys!

We've been counting on storing some things at another friend's house, but what little (relatively speaking) we've taken so far has begun to feel to her like a max-out, and there's more than that to come.  A lot of things can go into her barn still, but there are things that won't survive an upstate NY barn winter, let alone several.  We may need to re-prioritize what we're keeping, although I honestly feel like we have been cutting to the bone, and then into it.

I feel a little overwhelmed, although not buried, by what needs to happen with the Big Duck.  That part seems the most manageable right now.  We're on a deadline, so that should help us move forward.  Specifically, it should be moving me forward off the couch and into action today.  We need to get the Duckette sold within three weeks, and the Big Duck moved into its spot.  Wow!  I should have seen that in writing a week ago ... gotta go! 

Of a personal nature, my father continues to have health crises a thousand miles from here that he doesn't want my help with.  It would be easier not to know about them, and that's actually his preference.  What luck.  Still, he has made no other provisions for medical decision-making, and they have my phone number.

  • I'm going to clear out the Duckette and move stuff over today.
  • When the parts (generator, radial arm support, Banks exhaust) are ready for reassembly in  the Big Duck, we'll drive that over and get it done.
  • We'll talk to the electrician about moving the batteries and installing an inverter.
I know we'll get this done, and we'll figure stuff out, and you guys will pat me on my head and tell me everything is fine, and I'll believe you.  This is just a belch in the smörgasbord of life.  

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dirtyduck said...

big choices are easy to let go of till tomorrow, but this post ws inspirational(dont laugh) seeing things written down, especially for the world to see, really has a powerful effect huh?:)

think about how your nuts are being handled right now, alllll the way across the country...being handled

¡Vizcacha! said...

Hahaha! I wonder who is handling my nuts right this minute? Maybe my nuts are resting after a busy day.

You're right - it's different than thinking it inside my head, because it's JUST NUTS in there.

dirtyduck said...

:) are they there yet jeez!!!

¡Vizcacha! said...

They arrived yesterday! We were packing up some stuff to take to the Big Duck, and I brought them for picture-taking. I'll send them, or post them here.

The very funniest part is that they come with a sack. I have a soapnut sack.

Thank you! I'll be trying them out soon.