Sunday, March 21, 2010

You're going to buy it anyway.

You've said it a dozen times.  I'd love to give Roxi and Annie a little money to get them out of town and keep them on the road, but I need all my money for this Amazon purchase!  Now do both.  No, really;  I'm not kidding.

Look to the right.  No, over here.  I'll show you.  ------------------->
If you start here on our page, and end up buying something from Amazon, we'll get a cut and your purchase will not be even 1¢ higher.  When you click, you'll be on your own page just like always, but it will remember that you walked in from our site.

Please allow me to highly recommend this option!  No need to buy stuff you don't want.  If you're going to buy from Amazon anyway, just come here first.  Isn't this better than a Tupperware® party? 

I was trying to be all subtle and tasteful about it, but Bruno, The Other Annie, told me to stop it.  And, really, it's kind of a win-win.  Especially for me.  And you.

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dirtyduck said...

lol "i was trying to be tasteful" making money on a blog is hard. but you can win something on mine, go and enter its really get to make another soapnut joke...cmon im counting on you!!

The Good Luck Duck said...

I can win sudsy nuts?? I am SO there!