Sunday, April 4, 2010

On vacation.

We slept like stones, lullabied by the little frogs. We were awakened by a nesting pair of red-wing blackbirds and some predatory geese.

Whenever I use the word "awaken," I feel obliged to write poetry, like I have awakened fresh hope and you will be disappointed not to read pithy verse:

The sun is up
the grass is riz
I wonders where
the birdies awaken us, aft morn's golden sun first doth appear?

It's so peaceful here that Annie and Carolyn the caretakers of this undisclosed campsite must never feel any stress at all.

My Annie and I made a Lowe's trip yesterday afternoon. Our mission was to find a 67¢ fitting, wood glue, and three screws. We also threw this Dremel Multi-Max kit into our cart. We're not endorsing it yet, because we haven't used it. [Edit: thumbs-up!]  Why didn't we order it from Amazon? WE NEED IT NOW ... we realized as we ogled it in the store.

At press time, the Multi-Max had nearly paid for itself in work a professional won't have to do.

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dirtyduck said...

girls and their tools....*shakes head*