Thursday, April 8, 2010

Photographic evidence

You probably thought I was overstating the danger of a waddle-by goosing, but that's before you were faced with overwhelming evidence.

We're just out for a walk! See? And a snack. Nothing suspicious going on here! Ha ha!

*whistles nonchalantly* O hai! Nice day, huh? We'll just keep moving and eating.

We'll just be ... right ... here ... because there are delicious bugs here. Yeah, bugs.

Thanks, Other Annie, for indisputable proof of our peril.

The Duck will be in the shop over the weekend. I was hoping to bring it home today or tomorrow, but no such luck, Duck.

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Anonymous said...

Yees, pluz breeng the beg duck bak, jist watch yew dn't ron offr de must delucious bigs et de nd if de dribway.
~brewno en alphonz

¡Vizcacha! said...

That's so awesome that the geese have almost the same names as you! Please let them know, in case they don't have constant internet access, that we will be careful around their bug garden.