Saturday, April 24, 2010

Potty-mouth online

We frequent a forum for RV owners, and especially for full-timers. I got a message from another reader about our Nature's Head.
Nature's Head

She had read the heat I took from other RVers about daring to question the poop-n-pump paradigm. People were angry that I suggested the possibility of not using drinking water to flush away waste. We compared notes; she had also encountered hostility over the notion, more than having her idea poo-poo-ed.

The Humanure Handbook is an awesome and funny read (warning: does not always refer to manure as "poop"), but some of these other books look pretty interesting, too. [If you ever want to buy a book from Amazon, please consider using my link here on the blog. I am also a big fan of the public library system, and recommend that resource highly.]

I look forward to hearing from her again with more potty talk. Elaine! Don't forget to write!

Late-breaking news: The urine bucket will NOT WARN YOU that it is full. Caveat urinator. That's Latin for "we won't make that mistake twice."

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dirtyduck said...

i dont get why you WOULD use drinking water to flush?? what was their problem with it? i mean i probably dont really WANT to know but if you are interested i guess i am to.....i am such a good,kind and supportive friend:) i thought your comment on my E.V,'s (elusive vegan/ vegetarian) post was so funny! "vegetarians are vegan wannabes" brilliant and "pescatarians are scorned", i cant say i feel that way because i want to be supportive in ANY type of non animal eating venture, but,... i do hate the excuses that people give and when they say they are vegetarian but really arent...that DOES bug me. jsut say you dont eat red meat...not that you are vegetarian jeez. i know everyone wants to be us but really thats taking it to far,LOLOLOOL!! i kid, i kid!

dirtyduck said...

lol sorry about the peepee bucket....i have a visual, so im sorry for myself also

¡Vizcacha! said...

You crack me up! Yes, I like to paint a picture with words and urine.

Well, I guess we all do it (poop into drinking water) unless we have a specially-designed toilet water system. So, we all think it's normal to do it (at least here in watery places like upstate NY). But, I suppose you guys are more attuned to water conservation techniques. I think most of us are taught not to think or look at or touch poop. I am down with not touching it, and I'm okay not looking at it. I sort of think about It in an abstract sense, like the Grand Order of Poo and how maybe it's a resource for a small earth instead of "waste" material.

Now I reread what you said, and that you don't want to know. Okay, fair warning: don't read the above paragraph! Don't!

¡Vizcacha! said...

Oh, and yes about how people describe themselves. It's like me saying I'm an underweight person who carries eighty extra pounds. Not eating red meat is a good thing, and a healthier choice, but it's not vegetarianism.

dirtyduck said...

lol you are right we do use drinking water to "go" in, so the people on the forum have a problem when people that DO use drinking water? whatever there problem with you is i want to get it straight before i get all crazy and start calling them names, names like poopy-head and the like:)

¡Vizcacha! said...

Poopy-head! Hahaha! The insults fly! Oooh, you don't poop in drinking water - you suck! You and your resource-conserving ways! *shakes tiny fist*

dirtyduck said...

you suck???HAHAHAHAHAHAAH i busted out when i read really really busted out.....!!!