Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Some Systems Go

This week has given us the chance to actually live in the Big Duck, for fun and to test some systems.
  • Water: we have a leak somewhere near the shower inlet, so no running water yet
  • Electric: yes, both AC (plugged in) and DC (battery power)
  • Toilet: yes and no. The composting toilet is partially functional right now
  • Heat: both furnaces work
  • Cooking: coffee every morning
  • Internet: MT (mooch technology) is effective at close range
  • Geese: fully functional
We had propane delivered by the local supplier of propane and propane accessories. An electrician is working to install our inverter and batteries (transferred from the Duckette). We have an appointment with our trailer guy, Bill Fletcher, in May. He will fix the leak, install a solar vent shed for the toilet, and fix any problems we discover before then.

The next phase is to put the Duckette on the market and sell it.

Little Carrot is living large and orange here at the Big Duck. Her new moms made heroic efforts to integrate her into their kitty family; they were very sad that it didn't work out. We were sad to see them so sad, but not sad to take Carrot back with us. We found out she loves to ride, so she may do just fine on the road. Quack Carro-ac.

After three days, we brought Lily over.
They ignore each other. We love that.

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Maria B said...

We miss her

¡Vizcacha! said...

I know it. She is quite a bundle of personality wrapped up in a quiet orange kitty.

dirtyduck said...

oh im sorry it didnt work out, she is very pretty.