Monday, April 5, 2010

Starlite Galaxy

Glenn Miller's golden notes surround us with their glow. The evening is violet satin, and my shantung gown flows like sherry all around the ...

RV toilet?

I especially love the tasteful appointments in the Starlite/Galaxy room.

Oh, she's a beauty, with her Aqua-Magic. But, she's outta here! to make way for the Nature's Head we bought last year. There was some kind of crazy unreachable bolt that held the whole works in. The toilet must be destroyed! Bring in the Multi-Max! And her Dremel!


The Aqua-Magic Starlite/Galaxy was no match for Annie and her new tool.


Carolyn and Annie's reputation in the neighborhood was no match for me and the Aqua-Magic Starlite/Galaxy.


While I was lowering property values, Maria called to check in and to let us know about Car(r)a(o)t. She's doing very well, is about to be integrated, and has taken to tearing around their house with no apparent pursuer.

As I was "uploading" pictures yesterday, I destroyed them, including photographic evidence that the geese here are predatory. Luckily, I woke up just in time and spotted them preparing to double-team the Big Duck.

Next time, or some time after that:  pictures of Annie tearing down and rebuilding the Bucket Room.

It felt sad to end our vacation.  On to the mechanic who will be re-installing a rebuilt generator, installing the exhaust system, and repairing a rear support arm.

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dirtyduck said...

yea i was wondering about those "predatory geese" are they really mean?

"While I was lowering property values" hahahah:) the bathroom in your rv looks pretty nice!!

¡Vizcacha! said...

I didn't get too close to them! Canada geese are usually pretty mild, but by now they have a nest, so all bets are OFF! I've gotten too close to a baby goose in the past (taking its picture, you know), and have had an adult charge me.

Maria B said...

Okay, the spelling of Car(r)a(o)t's name is getting out of control! :-)

¡Vizcacha! said...

Ha! I KNOW! Well, her vegetable name is one thing, her mineral name is another, but ... what's her animal name? We may never know.