Sunday, April 11, 2010

Warm House

Annie and I crashed a housewarming visit to Maggie and Meredith, who just moved into a lovely home. Lots of light and visually-interesting architectural features. A deck that made Annie's pupils get big, and a wooded property that did the same to me. We're really happy for them, and I'm slightly covetous; this is the exact response you want from your friends when they see your stuff.

"Eminem" are real animal advocates who walk the walk. We met Zana The Dog, who gently and quietly ate the potato chips that fell out of my mouth, off my plate, and directly out of the bag. Who can fight gravity? Daphne Moon and Ty felt comfortable hanging out on my lap, but I got no love from Tia the Elder or Pancho. We gave our pitch for Lola, but I'm not going to be that guy. The one who doesn't know when to stop. The one who won't shut up. No, that's not my style. I'm not going to say any more.


Lola\'s yawn


We got a spark of interest about Max.
Max 10/09

He's a nice boy. Sometimes he gets a look in his eye, and another cat goes down. It's all in good fun, but Maggie and Meredith have a couple of fragile seniors. Max! Stop running in the house - you could have broken Ty's hip!

The Big Duck's generator was fixed for five minutes, then died again. Back to Onan Cummins in Syracuse. I was secretly hoping all would be well on Friday so the Duck could come back to its nest. Ducks have nests, right?

Next, our electrician will check things out and begin sizing up the project of installing the inverter and the AGM batteries. We'll put the coach batteries into the Duckette, and by "we" I mean "not us." They are monstrous things that neither of us could carry, I'm pretty sure. They're rated for over 230 amp-hours apiece, which is not too shabby if they even have most of that capacity left.

And, in conclusion, let me add:

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Maggie said...

So glad you came. :-) And you can park The Duck and enjoy the woods any time.

Tia has a crush on Carolyn - you were upstaged. When Pancho's eyes return to normal size (they're still a little big), he will make friends.

Lola is a lovely girl. :-)

¡Vizcacha! said...

Me, too. And, don't tease a girl! - that would be an awesome overnighter. I'm just not sure we could park the Big Duck.

Yeah, I could see there was no competing with Carolyn. And, Pancho was a big ole' cupboard kitty last night.

Lola is snorgling with Annie right this minute.

dirtyduck said...

i am in love wif his wittle chubby wegs oh da wegs i jsut want to gnaw on em!

¡Vizcacha! said...

I'm sure we could arrange a delivery of Bucket O' Legs (and all other parts including a meow). She's actually very sweet, and we're hoping we can shake up the kitty dynamics by letting her get established in the Duck before the grouchy alpha does.