Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Duckette for sale! (*sniff*)

 Here's our Craigslist ad.  Keep us in mind if someone tells you they are looking for an intensively- and professionally-reconditioned older unit.  If they are looking for someone selling at a really big loss, think of us twice.  Here's the email they can use, or give them our number.

Annie and Carolyn's geese hatched out an adorable gaggle of goslings during the Mother's Day Storm of 2010.  Five!  I believe someone took pictures.

Heaven:  two contractors doing Duck work on the same Thursday.  If I'm dreaming, don't wake me.  But, do wake me in time for Annie's birthday tomorrow!  Go Annie!  It's your birthday!

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dirtyduck said...

the kitchen in the 5th wheel is really nice, its nicer than the mobile home i lived in for a year. goodluck on selling it. and yes i AM interested in seeing more toilet pictures.JK!!!really just kidding!

dirtyduck said...

Happy Birthday Annie!

Maria B said...

Happy happy birthday Annie!

Anonymous said...

Thanks DD and Maria!