Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Severe Prudery.

Some friends joined us for merriment in the Big Duck last night, and we all enjoyed a high-spirited round of furtling. I'm not sure it's a real word, but it's real enough. I'm not even sure the activity is genuinely Victorian; it's a pretty fair impersonation, from what I know of the Victorians first-HAND. However, if you happen to suffer from A Severe Prudery, I cannot recommend it.

A friend is making a huge transition in her life, and we got to catch up with her status over dinner out and Girl Scout cookies here at the BD. She's not packing her life into a bus, but it's entirely as dramatic. I can't include a picture, or a name, address and phone number, because she is Internet-shy. So, I'll give you the geographic coordinates of her house and workplace. I can probably say she's getting married, and I can probably say where (in a barn, between milkings), but I'm walking a thin line. The rest is right out. Plus, I indirectly introduced her betrothed to furtling, so I may owe her a ginger ale, or an untainted fiancé. But, let the record reflect that she brought up the whole sordid affair herself, so the rest of us are practically blameless.

Today we are exercising the generator under load for the first time since its repair. We have chosen as our load the air conditioning, because it may reach 87° today. We were getting no AC for the A/C, but Annie troubleshot it and we're up and running. The generator has its own breakers, and they needed to be reset. Separately, I turned the engine over and automatically retracted the steps that Annie worked so hard to extend. Come on over, and bring your ladder.

Lily and Carrot are about as happy as two clams who missed the chowder. It's a good life. One gets the bed, the other the dashboard, rotate, repeat. What were we thinking in 2000 (Bob), 2001 (Penny, Ellen, Max), and 2002 (Lola)?? Well, our SPCA was not no-kill in those days, and each time we chose the cat who had been there longest. We can console ourselves that it was the right decision then, with 1700 square feet for them all to wander in.

We're looking forward to seeing other friends tonight, whose tolerance for fame and worldwide exposure here on the blog will be delicately determined.

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dirtyduck said...

best post ever. so funny i dont know where to start. you all have really been coming out of your shell lately! very fun to read, you guys are getting closer to going!!

two clams that missed the chowder, good one:)

i think i asked this but im not sure which post it was on, you are taking two cats with you right? thats going to be so fun!

EROTIC HAND MANIPULATION wtflip you guys seriously, ladies like me are not used to such vulgar speach:) i (of course) went and looked at the book on amazon, not much of a description there....except for the above excerpt...sounds like a fun evening.

and to your friend who may or may not be getting married, milking a cow or building a barn(?) congratulations...for whatever you are doing.... i think, unless it calls for some other form of salutations...then just sub that accordingly

¡Vizcacha! said...

Cats: Right now, there are three in the Duck. That seems so easy! They're getting along really well. It's just hard to rehome cats, plus it's hard.

Furtling: Hahaha! Remember, you're the one who Googles in front of her husband! The book has Victorian-style drawings, but there are holes cut out where you put your own fingers behind the page and it looks like (legs). Sometimes, it even looks like a (hiney).

dirtyduck said...