Sunday, June 13, 2010

2/3 check, check, check, check.

Have Dave Hulle finish up the electrical work The batteries are installed, the inverter is installed, and he's waiting for us to get the charge controller.
Have Bill Fletcher schedule us for fan installation He'll have it June 28 & 29.
Get estimate for plumbing from Brad Hull He's coming out tomorrow to do the work.
Move Done!

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Maria B said...

How soon are we talking, in terms of departure? Is the house on the market yet, or is that happening after you leave? Can we see you and Carat before you go?

¡Vizcacha! said...

Maria - we still dare not set a date, so you'll be sure to see Carat (and us)! Once we get water in here, we'll be a lot better set to move our lives out here for real. That should be today.

After that, I guess the thing to do is to get serious about finding cat homes. Maybe I'll talk about that in a post. But, don't worry about Carat - she's a traveling fool! She darts around while we're stationary, then calmly settles in when we move.