Saturday, June 26, 2010

Charge it!

The electrical work has been completed, and it's looking good.  

Left to right: deep-cycle battery bank (4-6 volt, two in series and then in parallel), main cut-off, charge controller, and inverter (hidden behind charge controller)
electricalNew element: charge controller.  It's designed to maximize the battery charge level possible with a solar array;  right now it's using a NYS Electric & Gas array.  Annie and I argue bitterly over our solar options.  You don't want to know. 
charge controller

We had a lot of laughs with our friends, Kathleen and Dennis, last night.  It was spur of the moment - they grabbed a pizza and called us - and it was just what was called for.  Thanks, you guys!  They don't read this blog, so I'm waving towards Danby.

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