Saturday, June 19, 2010


Our friends, MaryGail and Maria, want to go "camping" with us!  This is good!  The "camping" word comes from going someplace scenic and possibly not checking email.  Oh, and for our guests, it might mean sleeping on the sofa bed.  Unless we're overcome with gracious inclinations and we make our guests sleep on our bed, but then there's changing the sheets and c'mon!  But, they give us their bed when we stay up there ... oh man!  I'm filled with conflict.

Our hope is that all systems will be GO by the end of this month, and that we can provide hot showers and full toileting facilities.  Our other hope is that Maria and MaryGail's allergies can handle close quarters with two elderkittun. [Alert:  Blogger detects made-up word.]

In preparation, Annie is scoping out nearby "camping" facilities.  We're thinking maybe Sampson State Park, by Seneca Lake, or Treman.  Wait - she's been distracted by the new RoboCut with built-in vacuum!

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Maria B said...

Not only can we handle 2 cats (since we already have 2 cats...) be we are hoping beyond hope that one of those 2 cats, specifically our former foster cat Carat, will deign to actually sleep with us while we are there... ...

¡Vizcacha! said...

I think there is a good chance of your hopes being realized. By the way, she is still darting.