Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I AM calm.

The real plumber arrived this morning, early for his appointment.  He looked around, told us what he wanted to do to fix things, and generally made us feel better.  He will do the rest of the work personally.  The boy-plumber was afraid to do some things because he just didn't know how - I can respect that more than the impulsive get-'er-done approach he took with hole bits and reciprocating saws - so Brad will work his way through those things.  If he says he doesn't know how, we'll at least feel better that a professional didn't know how, either.

Which all makes me think about approach, and how it's like presentation:  95%.  If you want to cut a ragged hole in my house, perhaps you should first tell me about it, and explain the need.  What you'll want down the road is an access hatch right here.  I'm going to cut one about 2 X 9 inches, and then cover it with this lovely vent cover/ blank plate / picture of your mama.  If you want to put pipes where no pipes have ever been before (the bedroom floor, for example), you should be able to spin the idea.   Because I am upgrading the original materials, you will find that I can improve water flow by eliminating this bend and bringing this upscale piping into your sleeping area.  No ma'am!  You shouldn't think of it as a toe hazard!  This doubles as a bedroom upgrade - no extra charge!

You shouldn't begin the job by swearing loudly several times, announcing you have no idea how to do this job, then returning an hour and half later with your dad's power tools.  Even if you have to spend another six minutes on the job making things pretty, the customer should not arrive on the site and involuntarily scream "COB JOB!"

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Carolyn said...

Holy S***!

dirtyduck said...

ugh we had a contactor come to our house on a sunday mornng and offered walter a beer...then went "psht" when my husband NICELY declined. it was ten am.

i think every home ownder goes through this right of passage...