Tuesday, June 15, 2010


We had a scary and emotionally-painful plumber experience yesterday - the kind I don't really like to talk about until it's fixed and then becomes a good story.   And then - I'm not lying - he grabbed his sledge hammer ...

So, hopefully one of us will tell this great story tomorrow, after the boss plumber comes here, surveys, assesses and fixes the damage.  There was no sledge hammer, but there were gross incompetence, criminal inexperience, and power tools.

I had a lovely half-hour conversation with a homeless man today.  He was ever-so-slightly delusional, but smart, well-informed, and pleasant.  After a brief opening line about the food pantry he'd just visited, he asked me what my passion was.  Who asks a stranger that?  And, why aren't we all asking?

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dirtyduck said...

ill be looking forward to that story, it sounds like a story that im glad happened to somebody else..lol sorry.
what is your passion? i like that!!so what IS your passion?what did you tell him? did he say what his was?

¡Vizcacha! said...


Thanks for asking! I think maybe I have a passion for writing, and for silence, and for making sparkly things. :) He said his was teaching.

Anonymous said...

sounds like thinks went plumb wrong...i'm interested in hearing more details on the plumbing thing.
~Annie K

¡Vizcacha! said...

Annie K: Annie's already able to tell the tale, but you won't hear it from me 'till it's right.

dirtyduck said...

great answer. sparkly thing are a good thing to live for.and you are a good writer.