Wednesday, June 23, 2010

You can take some of it with you.

Which books would you take with you on a long trip? Not a "desert island" scenario; you can get more books, but libraries might be limited and they might not lend to you, Drifter. Let's say 25 - 30 books. Would you take books you've already read, or a full set of the unknown? Is there a category you'd favor? An author?

I'm limiting myself to a section of overhead storage that's about as big as a mid-sized cardboard box. I thought about a Kindle-type device, but it goes against both my frugality and my tactile love of paper. There's the expense of the device itself, then it's a guaranteed $10 for every new book I want, and I haven't spent $10 on a book since Granny sold the last pig and gave us all pocket money. I'm determined to have something on-hand to read, and to find a cheap/free way to continue my habit on the road.

I've already downloaded my music to my computer. Now I still borrow CDs from the library to try out an unfamiliar artist. If my computer likes it, it borrows the music, too, completely against my will.

A while back I fretted aloud about some boxes stored with a friend. In the late winter she sounded suddenly frantic to reclaim space in her attic, so we made plans to go repack and reduce (after having originally -packed and -duced), which turned into plans to just take them back home and rethink it all. Yesterday evening we eliminated two-thirds of the stuff I had first saved in an orgy of "all the space you need" thinking.

Went looking for plumbing schematics for the Duck. Fleetwood sent me the pdf, FOR FREE. Unheard of. I even had my credit card out and warmed up when the tech asked me for my email address. How can information be free, people? It's as though they're running a lending library.

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Carolyn said...

I'd want to find a semi-prolific author or two I hadn't read much of and buy all of their books. A bonus would be if that author was dead so you could get them all used.

A sudden urge to read Dickens would be helpful, but I doubt that would befall me.

dirtyduck said...

huh, well i guess id bring my "eat 2 live" book, cant find that at this library. i get most of my books from thrift stores and second hand bookshops. i really want a kindle!! they sell some stories for a dollar but they are mosltly romance novels...which im not complaining about:) also you can download books from free sites on the internet or buy like 500 on a cd off of ebay. thats what i would do. and since i would do it must be a good idea...

¡Vizcacha! said...

Carolyn, would it be mostly speculative (or, as we called it in the day, science) fiction?

Yeah, I had that urge once, but it passed. Although, A Tale of Two Cities might be worth a re-read.

M: WWDDD? I have that bracelet! I didn't know you could download freebies - are they bootleg? Are their virtual covers ripped off?

How do you upload from a CD? See, I have no idea how technology works.

Carolyn said...

I was trying to keep it general so that you'd have some hope of relating... but yes for me it would be mostly SF

¡Vizcacha! said...

I used to read SF a lot, but it's been a while.