Sunday, July 11, 2010

Prophetic vision

I dreamed last night that Carat darted, and sure enough, the Duck came home today! Fans are all fanning, and the water runs and heats. The toilet? Fully-funk-tional.

Annie just made a refreshment run, and I'm out here shopping for LED bulbs. I finally brushed the cats, because the brush had been here and the cats had been there. Or vice versa; the point is the brush and cats weren't together. It's like the catwoods are in bloom, with puffs of orange, gray and brown fur blowing gracefully in the wind.

Yesterday we did a smallish dump run with the truck. I'm starting to feel like I can move around up in the attic to do more stuff.

I think I've mentioned my core value system, Thriftianity. I try not to proselytize, because how obnoxious is that? Still, I need to confess that, as an indicator of consumer confidence in the economy, I went on a buying spree yesterday. I had had it with several of the things I don't have, so I replaced them. Including some seriously awesome-looking beads, Maria. My defenses were down - that's my only excuse. But, now we do have an ultra-light storage ottoman for the Duck (planned purchase), new washcloths (Marcel Marceau folded the old ones), and a stainless steel beverage bottle like the cool kids have.

Update: Annie just found a long-coveted 1.5 quart slow-cooker and BOUGHT it.
[Shown actual size]
Does our profligacy know no bounds?!?

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Maria B said...

Do not tempt me with a new source for beads, Roxi! I have so much supply already and so little time to play... I really need to get back to that hobby... We are glad to hear the Duck is back. Just 2 weeks to go until we go camping!

¡Vizcacha! said...

I am the Dark Lord of Bead Excess. Just browse ... what could it hurt? One act of purchase, and all these treasures shall be yours.