Thursday, July 22, 2010


We haven't said much about Florida, because we didn't take the Duck. So ... OFF-TOPIC. Still, it deserves some mention, because it was kind of awesome. The mosquitoes were not awesome, except in the literal sense that they held us in awe, then dropped us before they had carried us far.

When we leave here, we'll go first to Florida and park for an undetermined amount of time in Lake City. My mom and her husband have several acres there, and they'll be willing to share water and wattage. We stayed two weekends there, in-between our duties in Jacksonville, and we wished we could have stayed longer. It was all very pleasant.

During the weeks, we stayed in Jacksonville Beach with my step-brother, and hung out with my oldest friend from high school, Tammy. Fun! She set aside a lot of her free time to spend with us, and we all laughed more than was seemly for old folks. We spent one entire day running around St. Augustine looking for ghosts. She told me where to snap, I snapped.
Ghosts don't like to be photographed while they're riding bikes.

On the way back out to Lake City (a 75 mile drive), I decided I wanted to see Ocean Pond. How hard could that be without a map? In retrospect, we were circling the third pine from the right, NE quadrant. After 45 minutes, so were the vultures.

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dirtyduck said...

"share water and wattage" what a fam!

¡Vizcacha! said...

Ha DD! If my mom had ever seen Christmas Vacation, she might think twice about even letting us pull in.