Saturday, August 28, 2010


Not that kind, or that kind, either. Just some belongings that left the premises. Is it wrong for me to be so excited?

My son came by this morning with his strong, young friends and they took some stuff that had been stored here at the house. Bonus strong young friend activity: a stuffed chair came down from the upstairs. Not all the way out the door, but down the narrow stairway, anyway.

A pair of extremely sturdy and nice-looking dining chairs are at the curb AS I TYPE. (Update: an SUV is unloading its bowels onto our curb to make the chairs fit. This is not a swap! A Big Wheel is not a necessary trade ... Hey, lady, do NOT leave those children here!)

Our friend, Michelle, talked me into trying the attic project myself. She was tactful enough not to mention that I'm underemployed anyway, and may as well be doing something useful with my time. The wallpaper is about 60 years old - that shouldn't be a problem - and may or may not actually be part of the wallboard. I'll take that down in about 15 minutes. Then repair the walls: 20 minutes. Tape, prime and paint: 45 minutes. Yeah, this should be a breeze. I'll be done by beer time. I don't see how it could go wrong.

wallpaper project

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MARS822 said...

We watched some guy load the recliner, bathroom cabinet, plates, cat tunnel, etc. that we put on the curb onto the trailer he brought special to the occasion. Everything gone in one swell foop.

¡Vizcacha! said...

Ha! That's great. Did you feel about 800 pounds lighter when he pulled away?

Hey, I'm reminded by your name that I missed your birthday - sorry, and happy belated!

dirtyduck said...

i love that part about them swapping. did you end up with "almost new" children?

¡Vizcacha! said...

The one in the diaper was not just pre-owned, he was pre-poo'd. You can't even scrap that.