Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Good luck moving up 'cause I'm moving out.

When you're sort of living in two places, you're really only living in one and fooling yourself in the other.  Things still happen in both places.  Things you don't want to think about, but you'll blog about anyway.  Generally, you'll ignore one place.  Specifically, you'll ignore that refrigerator.   Tra la la, I am the re-Duck-erator!  Admire me!  Fill me with newly-purchased groceries!  And, you will!  You will obey the Dometic Elite and you will give no more thought to the Whirlpool in the house than you would to, say, a box of Chinese food you don't remember ordering, or that Amish friendship starter culture that you've forgotten to feed but - they lie! - it evolves without your help and no longer looks as much like friendship as it does a vendetta.

 Bonus confession:   I throw away containers.  
Even if they say Rubbermaid® I don't spare them.  
This fills me three-quarters of the way with shame;  
the other one-quarter does not need to see that.    
ignored refrigerator

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