Sunday, August 8, 2010

Recent mods

  • Sun shades for the windshield, to block out heat

  • Improved kitty toileting facilities
One of our residents gets all the way into the box and drops a location-appropriate payload over the side.  
  • New wastewater valve that allows unused black tank to be used for gray storage
Both tanks can be open so graywater (post-shower, post-dishes, post-hand washing) can be stored in the empty, unused blackwater (POOP!) tank.  

[Absent on picture day]

Our friend, David, heard us say that we are living in the Duck now, although the house is still next door. He did a slow burn, then asked us about it again a week later.  

You live in the Duck?


But, you have a HOUSE.


Why?  Why would you live in the motorhome when you still have the house?

And, it occurred to me that you might wonder, too, when you wake suddenly in the oppressive stillness of the early morning darkness and ponder the meaning of your life and ours.  

We explained that we feel most comfortable now in the Duck.  There are concrete reasons, of course.  The Duck is brighter and more open-feeling than the house is (me).  We cannot be cluttered and exist in the Duck at the same time (Annie).  The things we want and need every day are already here (both).

Left in the house are the things we still don't know whether or how to to jettison.  It makes clear mental sense that whatever is left in the house should go, go, go with Marvin K. Mooney.  We just can't manage it yet.  We will!  Oh, yes, we will.  Keep your eye on FreeCycle.

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Carolyn said...

I totally understand why you want to live in the duck. It's the present day embodiment of your future dreams. Besides, there are few places less pleasant than a house you're moving out of...

¡Vizcacha! said...

Oh, well put! Yes, those things.

dirtyduck said...

another post about where to go potty, atleast its kitty potty this time:)

¡Vizcacha! said...