Sunday, August 1, 2010

Rolling like regular folks.

We squeaked into a movie after the trailers were done and just as the Technicolor Earth was spinning its representation of Universal Studios.  I felt like a rebel.  Don't mess with me, man, I find my seats when the movie starts.   Oh, these are your seats?   

This is unusual because we are Planners.  We Plan like nobody plans.  We are the entire Planning Board. We Plan until I want to fling myself out the door in my underwear in protest, but I can't decide which panties best articulate my wish to be spontaneous.  This obsessive Planning defines our project, and that both reassures me and sends me to my foundation undergarments.

We have made the decision that we can't list the house until the cats are out of it, which means we have to find homes first, which means we spread the word to everyone nice and catworthy we know.  Still, the masses are over-catted.  Maximum cattage has been achieved.  They are fully caturated.  So, according to this Plan we cannot even list the house with a cat in it, and when will that happen ... ?   It's making me quackers.  Our plan has hit a cat-jam.  So, the question, as I see it, is:

How many cats is too many for showing a house?   

[Transparent edit:  I am not saying this to guilt anyone into adopting cats!  I mean to say that I think it's time for us to edit our own plans.]

In the Dept. of Moving Forward, two of our friends (Dorothy and Chris) would like to see if Penny fits in their family.  I will miss Penny a lot.   But, with these friends, I would never worry one tiny worry-thought about her.  They stayed long enough to get acquainted with everyone and to make a connection.

Maria and MaryGail visited the Duck last night and met Carat, or vice versa.  We'll work on a new camping, uh ... plan.  Don't mess with me, man, I camp at the last minute.  Oh, is this your campsite?

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Maria B said...

Seeing Carat made me feel guilty all over again... but she looks so happy in the Duck, I think that is really her destiny, not living with us. Micky and Stanley were very curious about all the smells when we got home. Stanly was convinced that we had been cheating on him with Carat, but Mickey wants to believe that it really wasn't her...

The Good Luck Duck said...

I'm not going to tell you how to feel, just that there is no objective reason that I can even dream up for you to feel guilty. Stanley should be a little embarrassed for behaving like an animal, but not you.

Plus, if she had never gone to your house and back again, we would never have realized what a great traveler she is!

Anonymous said...

We are finally leaving the hustle and bustle of Yulee, FL for the more relaxed, laid back atmosphere of Midway, GA. I got a new job there with a Firth Rixson foundry that is just starting out. They don't even have a Walmart but they are very proud of their new Dollar Store. We found a place along the canal with a dock and a wrap around porch. I don't fish but I may start.
Definitely take the Apache trail in Arizona and go tubing down the Salt River.
Good Luck Duck,

¡Vizcacha! said...

I knew you guys wouldn't make it in Yulee. You're just not the bright-lights-big-city type. Congrats on the new job ... I think!

Will do. Reminds me of Ichetucknee.