Saturday, September 4, 2010

Earl-y fall

I checked the news to make sure there were no horrible Earl-related incidents before I made light of weather;  I do not want to be on the wrong side of history.  Hahaha Katrina ... what?  By now, Earl is pummeling Newfoundland with its tiny fists, but those people are no stranger to hardship.  I read The Shipping News.

Earl map
Here we are in the west, between ELM and the green dog.  Clear and cool, that's us.

So, this morning it's 65°F in these parts and we're huddling in our parkas, warming our hands on our coffee mugs.  If Weather were really looking out for us, temperatures would taper off:  95°, 93°, 90°...  but Weather is bad at transitions.  I spent this summer outside in the fields or, on easy days, in a barn.  Pick another topic, Bruno, because when it comes to high-temperature endurance stories I WILL WIN.  Even if I don't compete, you'll see my smug expression and know I am the victor.

Success stories:

  1. The water heater stopped working, and Annie fixed it with (wait for it) di-electric grease!  I let her use mine.
  2. Water comes out of the taps when we want it.  Stays inside the taps when we don't.  Not new, but we like to stay grateful.
  3. Electrical challenges seem to be at bay, although we have decided to replace our old converter and new charge controller with an all-in-one unit that we hope will not fight itself to the death.
  4. I bought a can of air and productivity has soared.  I knew it would.

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dirtyduck said...

LOL i LOVED that pic!! how did your duck get a pic with a celeb!!!

number four always works!