Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Four True-enough Things

The first thing I have to say is "Olá! Obrigado pela visita!" That's from me to the nineteen Brazilian hits today.  It went through Google Translate first, but you already suspected that.

The second thing is THANK YOU, you guys, for using our Amazon link to buy.  I loved Amazon already even though I only ever buy local, organic and handmade items and that's as true as it needs to be, but they give us actual money every month because you go to that extra trouble.  

The third thing is that we got propane in the Duck this morning and it took 0.012 seconds to fill.  Thank goodness, because those nanomicroseconds cost $40.  I don't like buying propane by the hour, even when it puts on its red light, Roxanne.  The good news is that I can't even remember when we last filled it.  Those times will get easier to remember as winter sets in.

I made jewelry here in the Duck for the first time today.  Oh!  That's the fourth thing.

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Rose said...

Hey, would love to have a look at some of the jewelery.

I'm waiting/hoping to get laid off too! Here's to keeping the hope alive.

¡Vizcacha! said...

Hi Rose,

Definitely - I need to photograph it, which is my weak point right after making it, which is another weak point.

Oh, I'll keep a good thought for your layoff, too! Layoffs get a bad rap; they actually have their fair share of awesome.