Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saguaro you from?

The saguaro has bad days, too.  Don't stoop to his level.
I do things here that I think would look normal in the desert.   They wouldn't really look normal in the desert, so much as no one would see them, and I'd like that.  Tonight, I walked out the door with a dishpan full of rinse water, headed directly for the "saguaro," and dumped it.  I'm not sure that'd be doing a saguaro any favors - I should ask a cactologist.   And, yoga.  I don't do yoga, but surely I will?  In my pajamas.  This is the way I'd like to be not seen in the desert.

We ran into someone we know in the ShurSave.  He asked if we had moved back, or if we were just visiting.  Awkward.  Luckily, he was wearing mismatched shorts and shirt, or I would have felt ridiculous.

We're beginning to "winterize" the Duck.  The "winter" is "real" and doesn't need "inappropriate quotation marks," but our "winterizing" is not the usual RV type, where toxic pink fluid is poured into fresh water pipes to prevent freezing.  People, this is what vodka is for.  We hope, expect, intend to winter, for as long as we're here, in the motorhome.

I wanted a heat-reflective mattress pad/blanket.  Remember?  Well, ask, and ye shall be told where to go pay for it:  here.   I got a 10 yard roll this week, and I'm this close to cutting a piece big enough to fit between the sheet and comforter of our Travasak winter side.  I also plan to make a curtain liner.  Tell me what you think:  reflective surface on both sides (this requires sewing;  let this factor weigh heavily in your advice), or single-sided that we take off and flip depending on which side of the windows we need heat to stay [on].

I'd like to end on an uplifting note.  Enjoy, and let your spirits soar:



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Anonymous said...

Wait! You have a saguaro? I'm out of touch. Sorry.

¡Vizcacha! said...

No, just a "saguaro." Really a crabapple tree.

Anonymous said...

ohhhh, ok.

No saguaros in NY? Guess where else they don't have them! (lyrics here)

¡Vizcacha! said...

Fantastic! I can always count on you (and your brother) for relevant bonus knowledge. Set to music is a plus.

Carolyn said...

and you can use the heat reflective cloth to keep out those pesky UFO mind control signals:

Key Benefits of Temptrol™
* Shielding against electromagnetic and radio frequency interference

The Good Luck Duck said...

I'm already on it, Carolyn. I can make you a hat from it, too, if you'd like!