Saturday, October 16, 2010

Awards (Won't somebody please think of the children?)

You don't have to be a regular to know I'm not.  Versatile, I mean, not regular, because no one needs to read that stuff.  I blog from the sofa about one topic.  But, some Ducks are born to greatness, and some Ducks have greatness thrust upon them.  I'm neither of those ducks.  I was given these honors by blogging friends Dandelion (Rose), and dirty duck (Michelle) - thanks, ladies!  Fun!  Now I'm supposed to tell you seven odd things about myself that aren't immediately obvious.
  1. I stepped on Christopher Plummer's foot.
  2. I have not (yet) broken a bone.
  3. I have an unnatural affection for semi-colons;  I find them fancy.
  4. Odd thing
  5. Odd thing
That's it - there are only five odd things.

Now I bestow this upon other bloggers.  I knight thee Versatile;  go forth and be odd.
  • dirty duck is a gentle vegan.  Humble and funny, with a sense of style.
  • smaller living (Victoria), who reminds me what I really want.
  • Frugal RV Travel,  who reminds me how to get it.
  • Dandelion (Rose), whose pictures of dinner make me want to join her at her table.  And, she called me "cryptic."  I haven't looked it up, but I think it means "sexy funny."
  • Hyperbole and a Half, who is big-time and doesn't need my shout-out.  She'll probably ignore my shout-out.  I hope this shout-out doesn't violate the restraining order.  Shout-out-loud funny.

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Rose said...
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Rose said...

Reposting in a fit of self-consciousness:

"I knight thee Versatile; go forth and be odd"

This should become the new anthem of a generation, or at least the theme tune to the "All New Monty Python Show"

Maybe you haven't broken a bone, but is sounds like Christopher Plummer has...(or somebody has for him).

Semicolons are very likeable, I agree.

I love Hyperbole and a Half too...will be checking out those other blogs forthwith.

You make me laugh.

Rose said...

err, I mean, "Quack".

¡Vizcacha! said...

Ha Rose! You're "cryptic," too! You're right, and that might make my Second Odd Thing a lie. I should say "I have not (yet) broken my own bone."

What would we not do to bring "The All New Monty Python Show" to life??

dirtyduck said...

".....things about myself that aren't immediately obvious"


i love Roses comments here!!

humble, thank you, really. that is a true compliment! i mean, im used to being told im gorgeous, smart, funny, clever, fantastic,.....LOL!humble, nice i wonder if anybody else would agree?:) not going to ask, ill just take it from you as gospel.

congratulations on your awardy:) you really are a versatile blog, i never know WHAT yourre gonna write about next!