Monday, November 8, 2010

172 fifths of Everclear.

190 proof not sold in NYS.  Why stay?

That's what it would take to mend this broken heart.  And, to lower the freezing point of our fresh water tank 18°F.  I challenge you to prove me wrong.  I have thrown down the mitten.

Thanks, Carolyn.  Why mess around with 100 proof?  Everclear isn't 100% ethanol, of course, but Magical Math takes care of that.  If we were to do something so ridiculous and so right,  our water would be approximately 65 proof.

So, we put incandescent lightbulbs in the bays instead.  When it gets really cold, we'll screw them into something.

Q:  How many fulltime RVers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
A:  One.

We discovered that our overachieving furnace is burning through about 3 gallons of propane a day trying to keep the Duck at 65°.  Not necessary, Overachieving Furnace!  Live a little and set your standards lower.  This set off a ripple of panic in our household, since we're not set for another delivery for a week, and the people who sell propane and propane accessories were a little snippy about frequent deliveries.  One of us decided to turn off the furnace entirely last night, and the other slept very well and warmly.  It is to no one's advantage to discuss this further, especially not mine.

One of my oldest living friends emailed me last night to tell me to obscure our license plate in the blog.  I'm pretty indifferent myself, but he guaranteed that making our license plate swirly would behoove me, so how could I refuse?  This morning I'm stuck with the same old feet.   I'm teasing you, dude, but I do appreciate the concern.  I'm the living proof that you really can be too careful.

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Kimbopolo said...

"...propane and propane accessories..." LOL! That's the way we say it in our household too.

Wouldn't cloven hooves be just sensational for hiking? (Almost as good as being able to hover -my personal dream).

The Good Luck Duck said...


They would be beyond great. We could hoover!

Cruzin2some said...

Well Now, It looks like you got it all figured out. Everclear has kept me warm of the ski slopes!!!

BTY, Dawn uses a heating pad on her head when she gets a cluster headache.

Travel Safe

¡Vizcacha! said...

Everclear must be the Elixir of the Gods! And, you are mostly water, even on the slopes, so the science holds true.

Thanks - I'll tell Annie about the heat. Or, she'll read it for herself.

Carolyn said...


And just to prove that you can find anything on the internet:

¡Vizcacha! said...

That chart indicates that my calculations were wrong, so I dismiss it altogether.

Levonne said...

Hi Roxi and Annie,
The southwest is pretty nice in the winter. John and I left Tucson, Arizona after fifteen years to hit the road one year ago and we haven't looked back. We're currently campground hosting in Big Sur, California. Take care and be safe...

The Good Luck Duck said...

Hi Levonne,

Would you say that you were leaving Tucson or going somewhere else? I'm sometimes afraid that I won't ever like any place as much as I like here, but we're itching to try other things and see other beautiful places.

I'm looking forward to checking out your blogs!

Anonymous said...

Great blog! I'm with you on the Everclear. You won't even need to flush the pipes, just add some cranberry juice to flavor your straight-from-the-tap-insta-cocktail.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Thank you!

Perfect. A splash of OJ now and then to mix things up. I like the way you think.