Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Some cool things, and a cry for attention.

Have you heard of this crazy thing?  I know southwestern stick homes have these swamp coolers, but I didn't realize they were available for RVs.  RVs are now officially better than stick houses (because of the wheels and engine-thing).  You know I'm interested, to be talking about cooling while my long-johns ice over.

Very recently I discovered a network of women RVers, many of whom are solo rig owners.  Jennifer, of Living In My Car, set up a group to gather us in one spot, presumably to hose us all down and get us looking presentable again.  The last few weeks have been hard on my spirits, but finding these women and their blogs has turned me around.  No more shall I wander the streets, looking in vain for blue skies or a precious ray of sun.  I will hunker down, read these inspiring blogs, and stop whining.  You should check them out, too;  you've been a little mopey lately yourself.

*Offer may be withdrawn without notice.  Not available in northeastern or Pacific Northwest states, Vancouver, Scandinavia, or the Arctic Circle.  Reasonable limits apply.


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Anonymous said...

Dear god, that is gorgeous! Where is that wee slice o'heaven?

Maria B said...

Mope not, you will be in the desert soon, and the waiting will seem like ancient history. And sooner than that, we will be chauffering you in a sky blue Subaru Forrester to a northern location with much water and mist, to witness our nuptials and the fireworks over Niagara Falls. Fond memories to keep you cool during you future in the desert.

¡Vizcacha! said...

Pickle, I don't even know! Someone said Here, have this photo. It will hardly register as malware at all!

Maria - YAY! We can't wait to be there with you guys!

dirtyduck said...

isnt it great when yo find some people with the same interests!! lately the posts ive been writing i knew would not be of to much interest to you and my blog wasnt supposed to be so much about "being vegan" i feel like i suckered you in with cute duck bottom pictures(that we both adore) and then springing all the other junk on you!! when i read that there are other women rv'ers(sp?) on blogger my heart swelled with joy...lol:)maybe you shoulndnt have [posted that ladies blog...now i have to stalk her.

"..........set up a group to gather us in one spot, presumably to hose us all down and get us looking presentable again"

that was funny/appreciated!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Haha! Well, that's how all the great pairings happen. They meet over duck bottoms, then find they share other interests, like pig bottoms and Arizona.

I think she probably welcomes stalking - at least she's been very nice to me.

Kimbopolo said...

What can I say about this post other than the usual: LOL!!!!!!!

I'm also feeling lately that someone has tossed me a life preserver. Downright eerie how we are all coming together online in the effort to fulfill dreams and make it all better.

I just love having met up with you and all the other cyber friends - old-hands, full-timers and wannabees alike. It's just downright miraculous!

¡Vizcacha! said...

Kim, I agree. It has meant a lot to me lately to know you guys are out there and to read your everyday stories.