Monday, November 1, 2010

You see NOTHING.

Where's Waldo?
Put your gasps away; Carrot is practicing tactical autumn camouflage in her new fatigues. She won't go near that road - oh no! - our furry vegetable is far too cunning for that. She has a "special place" she likes to visit to do a thing or two (mostly two), and when the weather is good and ground cover renders her invisible, we allow it. She doesn't wander around. Like a good soldier, she accomplishes her mission and returns to base.

Annie has been working on an auxiliary exhaust fan for the Nature's Head, as the solar-powered fan is entering its sad, hopeless, nearly-lifeless season ... sorry, I got distracted. I meant to say that, with sunshine at a premium, our solar-powered fan is an under-employed drain on society ... Our solar-powered fan is considering a winter course of Prozac. Annie wanted to install a 12V fan to give it a boost. It took a while, because something something splitting power, and something something soldering gun, and blahblah wire nuts and electrical tape. Phil was a big player in this game, with Annie explaining the situation and Phil Imagineering™ the solution. Here's how it looked:

And, are you kidding me, that dirt was on the inside all this time? I could have cleaned it months ago?
Sure, blame in on the solar-powered fan who is only human and DOES NOT APPRECIATE YOUR ATTITUDE.

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Maria B said...

Oh, little Carrot! It's good to not see you out and about in the leaves! I miss you... isn't it funny how a little creature can live with you for just a few weeks and work their way right into your heart? sigh

¡Vizcacha! said...

Hy Momm! The leeves are a liddle weerd, but I darts throo them!

PS: dont blame me 4 the speling. Mi other Momm tiped this 4 me. Id do better with no thums. Hmmph.

Rose said...

Furry vegetables! I'm jealous. It's all orange!

¡Vizcacha! said...

And, very good for you.