Sunday, December 19, 2010

Reading: free and up.

I don't have a Kindle or Nook yet, and I'm not convinced I'm going to get one.   I did, however, get this free Kindle application for my laptop, and also this free Nook app.   Barnes & Noble also offers a LendMe option that allows users to lend books from their collections for two weeks.

Amazon and Barnes & Noble both offer a selection of free classics, as well as a rotating stock of modern works.  Project Gutenberg is the most well-known of non-commercial free ebook resources.

Google ebookstore offers an on-the-spot reading experience instead of a download, but requires Internet, which is not always available in the wilds.  I just added A Tale of Two Cities (free) to my booklist (it was the best of choices, it was the worst of choices), and Google held onto it for me.

How do you manage your reading in tight quarters?


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I just got a 'KOBO'..which is a canadian version of a 'NOOK'..from Chapters..good price and not to bad so far..I miss not touching a real book but am getting use to it!

Kimbopolo said...

You just can't beat a Kindle or a Nook. I am a long-time holdout/recent convert and now you'd just have to pry the thing out of my dead hands.

And I'm amazed by how little I spend (so far). When I got the Kindle, I budgeted $50/month for books which is $50 more than I usually spend. Last month I spent $24 and this month $6.94 - so far so good.

Seriously, if you do a lot of traveling, get an e-reader.

Merikay said...

That picture could have been taken in our bedroom. My husband has never tossed or given away a book.

¡Vizcacha! said...

Kimbo: STOP IT! I will resist (resistance is futile). It would be nice to clear up space in that cupboard... STOP IT.

Dawg, what did you pay for your Canook (tee hee!), if you don't mind saying? I think the Kindle starts at $140, and I'm not sure about the Nook.

Are the formats interchangeable?

Merikay, I understand how he feels. I sold, Freecycled and Salvo-ed hundreds of pounds of books, and it hurt me. I don't just mean my back.

Blars said...

For schience fiction and fantasy, there is the Baen Free Library ( and their more than 20 CDs of books that can be copied and given but not sold. All in multiple formats, works in any ebook reader or web browser. I'm currently rereading Lois Bujold's Vorkosigan series off the CD.

I've sold, given, and recycled (nobody wants obsolete computer books) a hundred or so books, only a couple thousand to go.

Blars said...

Clarifying: Baen's 20+ CDs are in addition to the free library. (Some overlap.)