Saturday, December 18, 2010

Trust me.

rig height win
Rig height win.

Today, Annie got up on a ladder so tall an oxygen mask dropped from the sky.  This is NO EXAGGERATION.


She went up to search out and destroy a leak above the windshield, and she did at least one of those things.  Probably two.

I cleared off the dining area and found two bills,  half a bag of clementines (still good), a cat (fresh), my first marriage certificate (expired), an Amazon order I thought I'd returned, and two-five pound weights.  What's on your kitchen table?

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Maria B said...

On my kitchen table? Some sweatshirts, too much junk mail, some books, some bills, and 2 iPads.

Merikay said...

Don't have one! We have an island that we eat at and I have a rule for myself that nothing gets left on it! Now then, there is a counter area that my husband refers to as my "nest," and the tops of dressers that haven't been seen for years.

My studio is the biggest dumping ground. Can't seem to toss any potential art material.

Congratulations on finding the table!

dirtyduck said...

ahahah that sign is hilarious!!thanks so much for posting it!!

hey did you read my comment back to you? you will like it:) i also deleted all my rantiness bs lol. ttysoon!

a fresh cat bahaha:) hm there is a grouting trowel(sp?) tape measure and chocolate bark candy that i eye everytime i go past it. chocolate...sigh

The Good Luck Duck said...

Maria, did Annie tell you that you guys pushed her over the iPad edge?

Merikay, I think we have a rule that's the exact opposite of yours: Everything Gets Left On It. We never met a horizontal surface we didn't like ... to fill.

Duck, your chocolate trumps all my table treasure except for the cat. I was relieved to see she was still good, because I hate letting a cat go bad.

Rose said...

That is a very useful sign for trucks and tall people, and/or people who climb enormous ladders.

Kitchen table? Oh yeah, I think I still have one of those buried under things somewhere.

BIGDAWG AND FREEWAY* said... of almost empty box of chocolate almonds..candle and two crystal containers filled with christmas ornaments!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Rose - yes! Haha! You're right about the ladders. I should have installed that for Annie.

Bigdawg, that sounds like only one layer. Plus, I would quickly finish off that box of almonds - always fight clutter!

Anonymous said...

A purse/pack, a paper cutter, some paper...some cut and some not, christmas cards (don't check your mail, we never get around to actually sending them out), packing tape, a thermal imaging camera, and two candy canes (one broke so i am eating it just to tidy up really) make up the top layer. Cats are not allowed up there while we are awake.
~annie k (not to be confused with annabell)

Katie said...

hmmm, maybe I'll find out today while I'm waiting for the phone to ring..... I'll let you know.

¡Vizcacha! said...

Annie Nymous, cats are good at training - ours have been training us for years. We know we're not allowed in their beds, for example, and their kibble is off-limits except when we are refilling bowls.

Katie, the horrors waiting for a phone call will bring you to! I shudder to imagine, but I'm with you in solidarity.