Monday, January 10, 2011

It's in the water.

I really wanted a Berkey Light, but last night Annie told me it doesn't make beer. I thought about it overnight, and I still want it; I've had this page bookmarked for 18 months. Quite a few companies sell the Berkey line; this one is the least expensive I have found, and they offer a bonus product of your choice. They also sell organic herbs that I have used and liked.

I plotted spaces to store the Berkey Light way back in The Day of the Little Duck. The model I want filters 4.25 gallons of water an hour, and has a three-ish gallon reservoir. Maybe it appeals to the survivalist in me. Survivalists have a crazy-pants reputation, but what's the opposite of survive? I really, really like the idea of using catchment wherever we may be, now that using water that falls from your own roof is legal in most states.

Have a glass of catchment?

[gasp] Is that legal?

Absolutely! Since 2008!

Thank you, I'd love some!

Completely feasible with the cool Berkey system. I would probably buy the model without the LEDs, since the lights don't get great reviews. The systems won't filter salt water, because the salt will quickly foul the filters. Apparently it will filter out food coloring. Dirty Duck, you may want to run your Skittles through one of these.

I have a (misplaced?) fear of water in Arizona. Arizonans, please disabuse me of this fear. OWW QUIT IT! I said disabuse me. That's another reason I like this idea: I can get optional arsenic and fluoride filters (even though I'm not afraid of fluoride).

Something like this had to be down the road when we installed a Nature's Head. Hey, would a Berkey-Light filter urine? Extreme recycling FOR THE WIN. [This is just a question. DO NOT pee into your Berkey.]

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Sue and Doug said...

just quacky!..looks like a great system!

giantspeckledchihuahua said...

Interesting stuff.

Carolyn said...

Because I have filtered water from foul non-potable sources, I happen to have opinions about this. In no particular order:

- You need to figure out what you want it for. Are you just filtering municipal water? Do you want to drink out of random streams and mud puddles? Are you planning a cistern on the roof?

- Does it filter viruses?

- Arizona municipal water isn't any dirtier than any other municipal water in the US. There is increasing evidence that agricultural and pharmaceutical contaminants should be a concern everywhere.

¡Vizcacha! said...

Carolyn, these are good questions. For filtering municipal water, I'd probably just get a Brita. Random streams and mud puddles are intriguing, although I'd pass them by given a choice. I'm thinking more of private wells (as much as they exist in Arizona), with potential for heavy-metals. Also rainwater. The filters claim to reduce viruses, not eliminate them.

I've filtered water to drink from nasty puddles, and it was still nasty at the other end of the filter, just potable. What have you used?

¡Vizcacha! said...

I should say I haven't used this system at all, but have used a portable filtration device made for camping.

Four Windows with a View said...

I thought the water in Tucson was horrible so I bought 5 gallon bottles, with a spout, and would go to a place called Waterstreet Station to get them filled. Their water tasted really good. It's a habit I've carried over to Washington and now I go to Whole Foods to fill my 5 gallon bottles. I've been wondering where I'm going to get water when I'm on the road because I won't buy them individually, too wasteful in my mind. I guess I've become a water snob because I'm so picky.

¡Vizcacha! said...

Jeana, I really hate individual water bottles, too. Such a waste of resources and more money into the pockets of water barons. If you don't get out of the PNW you'll have to Berkey the rainwater for the whole population of the rainforest.

dirtyduck said...

yourre kidding? water off your own roof used to be illegal? thats what catchment is right??? love the little dialogue you had going about it:)

as far as water in az, we bought filtered gallons of water for the ENTIRE year we were in our new house. our 300 dollar RO unit has been sitting in the garage.(we needed to finish the kithen before we could install and use it. we dont drink the water. and flouride is junk you dont want!

we basically dont drink the water because other people dont drink the what im trying to say...i dont know WHY i dont...

four windows, i think it was waseful also. *ashamed*

¡Vizcacha! said...

Ducky, yeah, it was just legalized in Colorado in the last couple of years. I'm not sure about Arizona's history with it. Every drop of rain that fell onto your roof already belonged to whoever owns the rivers (power company?) A lot of research had to be done to prove that 98% of rainfall coming off your roof never makes it back to the rivers.

Wouldn't you like to pioneer the Berkey Urine Reuse Project (BURP)?

Four Windows with a View said...

I hadn't watched the video before my last comment so now that I've watched it I have another comment. If the water tastes good I think that would work nicely in an RV. I drink a lot of water and if I had one of those I wouldn't have to worry about running out or where to purchase it. Are you going to buy one? I'm glad you posted this and I might get one to try if it isn't too expensive.

¡Vizcacha! said...

We're definitely going to buy one - I wish I already had so I could review it. But, yeah, that's what we're thinking, too.

Four Windows with a View said...

Me again...did you see the stainess steel Berkey? I went to the website and there it was. While I really like stainless steel I think that I'm more interested in the see through bottle and besides it's a lot cheaper. I'm tempted to order one right away to save me some trips to Whole Foods. I'm also going to go with the filter that gets rid of arsenic and something else that I'm not remembering right now, too.
BURP??? You're too funny. Give us a review after you try it, ok???

¡Vizcacha! said...

Cool! The other thing is fluoride, and I think those arsenic/fluoride filters are the bonus we'll opt for, too. The SS models are very pretty, and I also think I prefer the clear.

Don't forget to register for their filter bottle giveaway.

I think I want to buy one soon, too. I'll start talking to Pants about it. :D