Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Questions for the pre-retirement set.

Okay, you spring chickens!  You young pups!  You crazy kids!  There are things I need to know.

When Annie leaves her job, she'll have cheap and decent insurance for a year.  I won't.


What do you do about health care?  Self-pay?  Buy private coverage?  Catastrophic?  Full-coverage?  Half a fifth of whiskey and a bullet to bite on?

I've been feeling like an old truck getting ready for a road trip.  
  • Headlights good?  Check.  
  • Reservoirs healthy?  Check.
  • Fluid levels?  Check.
  • Hoses tight?  Check.
  • TMI?  Check.
I'm trying to squeeze everything I can out of insurance while I have it.  

I've always bought into the fully-padded mindset, even when I haven't agreed with it or been able to afford it.  Frankly, lots of insurance is better than no insurance, especially when someone else (employer) is paying for it.  But, if we stay here and look for work we don't enjoy instead of doing something important to us, who is really paying?  (We are, for you non-fans of the rhetorical).

On second thought, I'm not positive that lots of insurance is always better than none.  With insurance, I have gone to the doctor every year, gotten fatter every year, heard higher numbers every year, and taken some new medicine to cure middle-age every year.   Looking into the face of non-coverage, I have lost weight, started getting more exercise, picked up better eating habits, and begun taking supplements.  I guess I'm that guy.

So spill.  What do you do, and how do you feel about it?  Check out our Healthcare page and add something to it, if you'd like.  If you wouldn't be caught hypercholesterolemic without the best insurance available, you can say that.  If you dress in bubble wrap and take vitamins, say that, too.  

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