Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Solar power the low-tech way.

Sunshine in the Northeast ... everyone look ... NOW.  Oh sorry - too slow.  Sunshine = FREE HEAT DAY!  It's a little technical:

1)  open the curtains
2)  have free heat

Through no planning of our own, our windshield points easty and our big windows point southish, and in that way we accidentally installed passive solar.

Lately (since Monday) we've been tempted by this (it will click through to AM Solar in Oregon, who sells them):


but the 120 W model.  I haven't really thought it through.  Would we use this to charge the big battery bank, or the small house battery up front?  Hold up ... Okay, I just discussed it with Pants, who reasons that we would use it to charge the big bank, which supplies the small house battery, which supplies the small house.

We have a friendly disagreement about the application of solar technology.  One of us would like to install a system right now.  One of us wants to wait until we're somewhere where people install solar systems on RVs instead of  where they say Boy, seems like you could do that somehow.  This intermediate solution might make both of us grin.

If you know anything about this company or this product, we'd like to know what you know.

Pants is home early today with something contagious.  Send tom yum soup wishes.

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Kimbopolo said...

I have no technical advice to impart. But I can tell you that "friendly" disagreements about solar power can turn ugly in a hurry. Worse than a drug deal gone bad even.

It's a fact.

giantspeckledchihuahua said...

I know nothing about solar power, but hope to learn. if those are any good, they look pretty handy for auxillary solar power, in any situation!

Happy Trails, forever!
Cyndi and Stumpy @ RVly Ever After

Donna aka Froggi said...

All I know is I love our solar power...quiet camping no matter where we go. LOL! We got ours installed while we were in AZ. Know there are good folks in both FL and OR that do great work.

¡Vizcacha! said...

Kimbo, I just hope you're wrong, because I have had enough drug-deal-gone-bad situations.

Cyndi, you're right, and I was tunnel-visioning it to our needs, but a decent battery and this unit and a person could be a great thing. Especially since it doesn't have to be hardwired into a system.

¡Vizcacha! said...

I didn't mean to say "a person could be a great thing." That's ridiculous.

dirtyduck said...

Sunshine = FREE HEAT DAY! It's a little technical, ...thanks for the instructions, do you think that it will work on my house?

passive heat?hahahahahahaaha

is annie "pants"?

The Good Luck Duck said...

DD, I think it will work SUPERGOOD at your house.

Yep, she's Pants. My boss even calls her that now.

Merikay said...

Keep us posted on what you learn! I'm all eyes!


good luck with the 'solar challenge'!..seems like a good idea if you do lots of 'boondocking'!

Anonymous said...

Zippo knowledge on the solar power stuff also.....but WAIT, don't despair.....I've been following this Blog for almost 2 years now.

This guy gives the most detailed information about his solar power set up. I don't understand any of it, but perhaps you will.

dirtyduck said...

hhah really that is so funny, i must have missed previous post where you called her that! thats a good one..and you got her boss callng her that too,lol.

hey thank you for your support on my blog earlier today. you two are pretty great friends. i mean, you really put yourself out there for me today. not to mention i have been laughing ever since i read your comment AND using it against my very first negative anon commenter!! you would be so proud!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Dawg, we do want to do a lot of boondocking, and it would be great to have a solar assist to that big ole guzzling Onan grumbling under our feet.

Bennie (since he reads the comments), that website looks promising, I just can't get it to load tonight. I want to try again this weekend to see if I can get on.

Dirty Duck, you know you're big-time now! Your very own trolls! I didn't realize I was being all Mean Rat until I looked at my login. I must unconsciously put on my Super Rodent cape when I'm feeling rowdy. I think you could do a tofu parody of your own.

Anonymous said...

For RV's where you are using the DC directly from the panels, I think it is a great application. Our house PV system makes DC, then the inverter changes it to AC, then a charger/converter changes it back to DC to charge the batteries in our electric tractor. I know for house PV systems there is a danger of supplying electricity to the batteries after they are topped off, but with a small PV module maybe that's not a concern.
~The other T-burg Annie

ladonna said...

I don't really get wiring diagrams, inverters, solar power, gel batteries etc. HOWEVER, I do think that if I had solar installed on a rig I could find a sunny place to park! LG