Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Annie packs heat.

Annie takes no guff. She takes no prisoners. She asks questions first, then shoots.

Annie packing heat

We are so upscale [how upscale are you?] that we have two furnaces: a 35000 BTU monster that heats the coach, and a tiny 7* BTU furnace that heats the bedroom. One dark and stormy night last week, the big furnace lost consciousness and went into a coma.**

*this is a lie
**when a grammarian loses consciousness, does she slip into a comma?

How big is YOUR orifice?
Consulting with Bill Fletcher, of Fletcher Trailer Sales (we love this guy), Annie got a handle on what might be wrong, got the part and fixed it. Almost. The space was too tight to get the old control board out and replace it, which wasn't the problem after all, and this sentence is a misdirection because the problem might have been a stripped wire, or might have been the ice maker line dripping onto the furnace, or might have been a bad connection somewhere else, but NONE OF THAT IS IMPORTANT STOP DISTRACTING ME. The point here is that Annie removed the furnace, took it to Bill, watched while he examined it, understood the problem, and brought it home and installed it.



That involves seating it correctly in this hole:

Sad, empty and cold

rewiring it, reattaching the gas line, and aligning the exhaust with the exhaust hole on the door:


We can't blame 9.  He was just a child then.

and then it was warm inside. Magic!

What Else?

The same weekend she did this:


and removed this:


So what if it was -8°F. just after sunrise this morning?  What could go wrong?

† irony

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Mariannearcangeli said...

Annie rocks!!!!

Kim said...

Retirement seems to agree with Annie!

Oh how I envy you handy DIYers!

Ladyrider1952 said...

you guys will be a blast to follow on your travels!

bob said...

What A Gal!

pidge said...

Great job Annie!! Wish I had the guts to even attempt one of those jobs.

Sherry said...

I want an Annie of my own! The least you could do is give her some place with NO SNOW to do her thing.


dirty duck said...

how am i supposed to come after you with MY nine if i cant read your plates?

Roxanne said...

Ha! You'll have to send me a bookmark with a tracking device implanted in it. Or mail us your 9.

Roxanne said...

Sherry, no truer words were ever said. That's it! I'm getting her out of the snow!

Roxanne said...

She's pretty impressive. No doubt about it.

Roxanne said...


Roxanne said...

Helen, I hope you don't mean a literal blast, because we're hoping to avoid that.

Roxanne said...

And, she's still got three days of work left! Imagine what will happen next Tuesday!

Roxanne said...

I agree, Marianne. We've got us some rockin' babes.

Sue and Doug said...

way to go Annie! are a better woman than me!!

Gail Houle said... hero ♥♥♥
My hubby wouldn't even tackle that job! Great job!

Gail Houle said...

But...arghh! I hate this new comment system. It won't let me log in using my google info and it asks for my info each time I do this. I think I'm now logged in as 3 different people! I think I need to give up.

Sassys Rv said...

I got so distracted and sick to my stomach when I saw the SNOW in the first pic I couldn't even read the rest of the post. I had to go outside and sit in my lawn chair. But wasn't it something about Annie being AWESOME !!!

Cruzin2some said...

That Annie is as handy as a pocket on a shirt!! You are soooo lucky to have her around.
Travel Safe
Dawn and Denise

Roxanne said...

You're right. And, I never forget it!

Roxanne said...

HAHA! Sorry - I should have posted a snow warning in my title.

Roxanne said...

Oh! Don't give up! At least there's no word verification, and there's instant gratification because I don't moderate. Actually, it does the same thing to me several times, and then suddenly it remembers me. No clue.

Roxanne said...

I think I must be caught in my own spam trap! But, yes. I said before that we have ourselves a couple of rockin' babes.

Mariabgood said...

Annie, you totally ROCK as an RV mechanic!!!!!! I am in awe!

Roxanne said...

Imagine what she'll get done after she's done with work on Monday!

lawdash said...