Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Catching up and kissing my connection

Finally, Internet connection, and this is how I spend it.

My camera has a private side:

At home - capturing Annie's cooking

Yes, you're very high.

Can you see five cats?

And a public side (warning:  cheese porn):

At a restaurant - capturing a pie

In Big Lots:

Annie:  You don't need a Berkey.  Put sand in one of those and you're good.

My son has moved into the house and has already begun sprucing it up.  And shoveling paths for us.  And hauling our garbage out to the street.  Why are we leaving, again?  We've started spreading April-something around as a launch date, because it sounds less snowbound than March.

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Kim said...

I could only circle 4 cats!

April-something sounds great. (Shall I start envying you now or should I wait till May-something)?

Roxanne said...

This is what I suspected! There is a fifth cat, but she is buried under a fatter one.

I say go ahead and envy me now. Why wait? Everyone will envy us in May.

Cruzin2some said...

Dinner sure looks good! Do you and Annie have a place to sit?

Travel Safe
Dawn & Denise

Roxanne said...

We do! We can sit at the new table (one at a time, because we only have one chair), or we can shove a couple of the six cats out of the way and eat on the couch.

Tesaje said...

I saw 5 - the 5th one only shows ears. They look remarkably peaceful (she said jealously). Any territorial squabbles with so many cats in a small area? I got a Berkey, thanks to your tip. I got the smaller travel size which shud be plenty for me. Water tastes really good. Filtering water from unknown sources has been a question I had and this solves it nicely. Thanks for the tip.

Sue and Doug said...

lucky you..only see four cats!

Lillystomper said...

"Yes, you're very high" hahah i thought that was really funny:)

ooh Annies stir-fy looks great!

"..................." insert cheese comment here

:)lol are all those wires for kitty hot pads? so spoiled:)!!!

Beachkat327 said...

That colorful dish looks Yumalicious! K

Roxanne said...

It was very tasty, as I recall. Annie likes to cook, and I like to eat. Score!

Roxanne said...

They are TOTALLY for the cats' hot pads. We are allowed one outlet for the computer charger, but that's it.

Carrot (#6), the one who wasn't in the picture, has climbed up onto my chest, which is ridiculous because I'm not even plugged in.

Roxanne said...

One has a snorkel for air and is completely under the fat one.

Roxanne said...

Not many squabbles, which surprises us, too. Maybe it's because it's so stinkin' cold in here that they keep to their warm beds a lot.

Oh, good! Is that one of the stainless models? They are very pretty; I'm glad to hear you like it.

Roxanne said...

Hey, Annie says she read about you making baked tofu. She's addicted and eats some every day, so I said WOMAN! (that's how I talk to her) We (you) need to know how to make that!

Do you have a recipe you recommend?

Tesaje said...

Yes, its stainless. I'm leery about plastic after the bpa toxin leach. Who knows what else might be found to be toxic that they think is safe. I thought stainless would be safe.

I have a bully cat. Interesting in the van.

Levonnegaddy said...

Colorful eating! Yum!

Sassys Rv said...

She cooks AND does all the reno work ! Makes me wonder what yo............oh nevermind. LOL

Pepper said...

Only if you count ears.... You son is living in your house? My son is living in mine and I don't think he will ever move out. Which is fine with me. The food, OMG, looks so good. Losing weight is a pain in the butt with pictures like these lurking on blog pages.

Roxanne said...


I ... uh ...

Whotookmybucket said...

Yep, tell-tale ears.

He moved in a couple of weeks ago. It's nice, actually. Living very close for a while, but not in the same house. I imagine he won't want to live there forever - it's very small - but, Annie and I feel good about him being there now.

Whotookmybucket said...

It was good enough to eat.

Sherry said...

Just found you guys and want to know about your bounder. I almost bought one....had the papers out to sign but ended up with a Winnebago Brave which I love. Heading out in April too. Where's your first stop?? Maybe I'll run into you

How come no one has asked for the recipe of the yumalicious looking food??
Well I'm asking. I want to eat that and since I can't come for dinner...........


Roxanne said...

Hi Sherry! The Duck is 38.5 feet long, with a separated living room (I'm sure there's an actual term for that) so that there's no long, thin aisle. There's a separate toilet room, which we like. I can tell you all about living in it, but I can't tell you things like mpg, because we haven't traveled enough to know.

How big is your Brave?

Annie will have to give you particulars, but I can tell you there was baked tofu involved, some canola oil and the veggies in our fridge. Add some heat, somehow, maybe in a pan, and after a while you can eat it.

C'mon April! Our first real stop is Florida, where my mom lives. West from there. What about you?

Annie said...

Hi Sherry! Glad you found us!

Once we've finally organized the Duck, we'll take some pictures or do a walk-through video or something. LOVE the layout of it. The kitchen is an L and part of the couch backs up to the backside of the kitchen counter. It makes the living room a separate space, as Roxi said.

The stir fry was pretty basic but yummy. There's a local company, Ithaca Soy, that makes a wonderful baked tofu that we like so I just fried up the bell pepper, sugar snap peas and tofu with some garlic in Canola oil until it all looked about right then added in some fresh baby spinach and grape tomatoes until the spinach wilted and the tomatoes were ready to pop. Salt and pepper to taste. It would also be good if you used spicy sesame oil, if you like spicy.

Now I'm going to go rummage through your blog!

Whotookmybucket said...

It was good enough to eat.